About ToneNation

ToneNation was founded by DJ Noshima, Florian Hueneke aka Sir Taki, Dennis Urban and Christos Mavros as the first real EDM Live Band out there.
We created a perfectly arranged EDM Live-Show with DJ, Live Musicians and Dancers and make every show an unforgettable event.

With our love for electronic dance music and their greek roots (Sir Taki & Christos Mavros) we create a totally new and exitingĀ mix which stands out from the rest and breathes some fresh air into the EDM scene.

Meet the ToneNation Team and Band

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Sir Taki Music Production, Songwriting, Drums

Head of the Project. His feeling to combine live Instruments with DJ and heavy big Orchester Sounds makes ToneNation unique.

Dennis Urban Music Production, Songwriting

Music Producer and Head of Marketing. The Producer Team creates the hole ToneNation Show and gets everything together for the Events.

DJ Noshima DJ

Dj Noshima is an Party Animal with great Music taste. He combines Oldschool and Newschool Skills to make the live Mix dynamic and fun.

Beka Machidatze Singer

Beka Machidatze, the Voice of ToneNation, likes to Party and makes the Crowd go wild.

Christos Songwriting, Bouzouki

Sound of Greek and much more. The Bouzouki is our Key Instrument for emotional Melodies, moving Themes and fast Figures with an oriental Flavour.

Fred Guitar

Guitar is his Addiction, he knows the Riffs and plays like a real Guitar Hero, from Distortion to sweet Melodies, he got it all covered.